About the Amahoro Fellowship Program

The Amahoro Fellowship program targets exceptional individuals with lived experience as Forcibly Displaced Persons(FDPs). Its aim is to equip these individuals with the essential skills and resources to create transformative change.  The 12-month program will give FDP  leaders a platform to cultivate and disseminate their ideas on the world stage, expand their networks, seize numerous professional opportunities, and unite as a collaborative and impactful Cohort. The potential of FDP entrepreneurs and change agents is undeniably inspiring. As a network of change agents working towards positive and long-lasting ecosystems and systemic shifts, Fellows will have the power to make a real difference in the world. The Fellows will utilize their voices, skills, expertise, and innovations to catalyze solutions in Africa and globally. Collaboration and creation of this magnitude are exactly what the world needs to create lasting change.

Empowering Future Leaders & Entrepreneurs

Amahoro’s program is tailored to reflect Africa’s socio-economic context to cultivate the acumen in entrepreneurship and leadership needed for success. The program offers bespoke courses that enable fellows to acquire invaluable erudition, hone their distinct aptitudes, and conceive pioneering strategies to flourish. Fellows will also have the opportunity to participate in a competitive funding process where they can secure up to $100,000 each to scale their impact. The program’s ultimate objective is to equip FDPs with the self-sufficiency and fortitude to steer social and economic progress competently.

You can download the application form and work on it offline. However you must use the online link provided, and copy – paste your responses to actually apply for the Amahoro Coalition Fellowship

What Makes the Amahoro Fellowship Unique?

Our Fellowship Program stands out from the rest by offering a truly transformative experience for young FDP leaders determined to impact their communities profoundly. Here’s what sets us apart:

We are dedicated to investing in the potential of young African leaders with the drive and passion for accelerating positive change. Our program provides a unique platform that nurtures their capabilities, helping them unlock their full potential as entrepreneurs or change-makers.

Recognizing the immense influence of the private sector, we forge strategic partnerships with business leaders, viewing them as vital allies in driving social change for forcibly displaced persons. By synergizing the strengths of both sectors, our Fellowship Program harnesses the power of business innovation to address the complex challenges displaced individuals face.

We support forcibly displaced persons on their leadership journeys. Beyond offering access to the private sector, funding opportunities of up to $100,000, and connections to esteemed business mentors, we provide comprehensive coaching tailored to FDPs' unique circumstances. This personalized guidance empowers our fellows to navigate obstacles, enhance their skills, and create sustainable impact within their communities.

What Are the Eligibility Criteria for the Fellowship?


Thought Leadership Development

Our Fellowship program nurtures thought leaders in Africa, providing a platform to create and publish content that showcases their ideas and perspectives. Fellows may also be invited to attend and speak at our Africa Private Sector Refugee Forum.

Targeted Funds

We believe in the potential of our fellows' ventures and leadership development. As part of our program, fellows can compete for targeted funding of up to $100,000 USD. This investment is specifically designed to fuel their projects, amplifying their impact and driving sustainable change.

Industry and Private Sector Connections

Fellows will be part of a global cohort of leaders positively impacting the world. Amahoro Fellowship creates deliberate networking opportunities, connecting fellows with industry experts and peers. This invaluable network equips fellows with the knowledge and insights to tackle complex challenges effectively.

Training, Coaching, and Mentorship

To foster growth and personal development, our fellows benefit from mentorship and coaching at both individual and group levels. They are paired with industry professionals who bring valuable expertise and guidance, supporting fellows as they navigate their leadership journey. This tailored mentorship and coaching empower fellows to unleash their full potential.